In Search of African American Space

Spring 2020

Photo by naropano/iStock / Getty Images

In Search of African American Space departs from the premise that the African American experience of space has remained largely outside of the study and practice of architecture. By focusing on the architectural typologies of the slave ship, slave plantation, urban slum, and the everyday life practices, the anthology locates a transhistorical moment that informs the present with informal and formal inspiration in architecture, performance art, history and visual theory. The contributors to the volume include Saidiya Hartman (foreword – pending confirmation); Radiclani Clytus, Yolande Daniels, Ann Holder, Walis Johnson, Rodney Leon, Scott Ruff, Marisa Williamson, and Fred Biehle. Lars Müller Publishers; edited by Jeffrey Hogrefe & Scott Ruff with Carrie Eastman & Ashley Simone.